Expert coverage for vertical industries’ special needs

Every business faces risks, and highly-specialized businesses need special expertise to reduce uncertainty. So we at The Hilb Group NE make your specialty our priority, and get to know the needs of vertical industries before we engage with clients. We’re fully prepared to offer traditional and non-traditional solutions that will reduce your risk and help ensure your success.


Our focus is customer satisfaction … just like yours
If there’s one word that warms the hearts of our many hospitality clients, it’s “proactive.” In your business, liability lurks around every corner, so we partner with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re as protected as you are profitable. We’re constantly communicating with you, offering you seminars on liquor liability and limiting your exposure to third-party discrimination. We survey your employment practices to ensure they’re best practices, and proactively manage your workers’ compensation risk through safety seminars. When the power goes out, we can limit your risk from spoilage. And when the system goes down, we can indemnify you against credit card processing breaches.

Thinking of everything is what we do best at CSE Insurance Agency, and why our Hospitality practice was built to meet your every contingency. Your goal is to satisfy customers. That’s our goal, too.


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